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Escorted Tours

Our touring simply explained

Celebrating 25 Years of tour excellence

We know that every traveller is different, so we have developed different touring styles to help you see Asia and Latin America in the way that suits you the best. See the highlights of the region on our Classic Tours, get under the skin of Asia on our Go Beyond tours, or you could also choose a Private Tour if group touring is not for you. Want to design your own itinerary? With our Tailor-Made team you can do just that!

If you are looking to see the world solo with a group of like-minded travellers, then choose a tour that features our new 'Solo Departures', for like-minded solo travellers. Lastly, perhaps an Asia River Cruise is on your bucket list? Or do you want to extend your adventure further? Take a look at our Beach and Short Stay collections.

  • Classic Tours
    Classic Tours

    For those looking for a fully escorted, all-inclusive group journey

    Perfect for those who want to see iconic sights and magnificent treasures on a fully-inclusive tour with all your arrangements taken care of, from international flights, visas, accommodation, meals and all the touring listed in your itinerary, you can travel with the utmost ease and confidence, accompanied throughout by one of our industry leading national escorts.

  • Solo Touring
    Solo Touring

    For solo travellers looking for an easy, companionable group tour experience

    Joining a Dedicated Solo departure offers you a ready-made group of like-minded fellow travellers to share your holiday with. Take part in cultural experiences with your group, led by your national escort, and enjoy exploring with your new-found friends. Plus, a room of your own is guaranteed with no supplement to pay.

  • Go Beyond Tours
    Go Beyond Tours

    For those who want to venture off the beaten track

    Featuring lesser-known destinations and unique experiences that are off the tourist trail, Go Beyond tours are all about helping you to see and experience places that may not have made it on to other travellers’ radars. On these tours, you may find yourself away from the comforts of home, but you’ll be rewarded with unique culture, interactions with local people and unforgettable sights. 

  • Private Tours
    Private Tours

    For those who want to enjoy a classic itinerary on a private trip

    A private tour follows a pre-defined itinerary but with the benefit of your own personal guide. Perfect for couples and families that want greater flexibility on when they travel and the style of accommodation. Most of our group tours can operate on a private basis. 

  • Short Stays
    Short Stays

    For those who want to continue their adventure

    There's just so much to discover in Asia, which is why we offer a range of stopovers and extensions so you can see and do even more. Whether at the beginning or end of your trip, an extension or stopover gives you time to relax, unwind and soak up the sights at your own pace. Choose from Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok – or one of Southeast Asia’s coastal destinations for some much-needed beach time.

  • Special Group Tours
    Special Group Tours

    Let us help you create the perfect group tours

    Lightening the load for group organisers everywhere, at Wendy Wu Tours we can plan a host of exciting tours that will fulfill all of your groups’ wants and needs.