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Our Tour Guides

Celebrating 25 Years of tour excellence

Your guide is often the difference between a good holiday and a truly remarkable holiday. On all of our group tours you will be escorted by a dedicated National Escort for the entire duration of your trip. Their unrivalled knowledge, passion, experience and expertise will astonish you.

Dedicated & Professional National Escorts

Our guides are utterly committed to Wendy Wu Tours and the vast majority have been with us for many years. We ensure that the individual tasked with the responsibility to keep you safe, happy, entertained and inspired is someone who you should have absolute trust in; and that they intimately understand the eccentricities of the Asian way of doing things.

Most of the countries included on our itineraries have recent, poignant histories of which your guide may have had first-hand experience. You will get a greater understanding of the past, as well as their heritage, culture and way of life. Most importantly all of our National Escorts speak fluent English, go through rigorous training programmes, have a wonderful sense of humour, understand how to convey their knowledge, and above all they love to showcase the country and culture you have chosen to explore.