Wendy Wu China tours
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  • Kashgar

  • This historic city at the crossroads of the Silk Road is famous for its Sunday animal market.
  • Chengdu

  • The Capital of Sichuan Province is home to the Panda Reserve and Grand Buddha
  • Xian

  • Dates back to 1000BC and hosts the outstanding Terracotta Worriors.
  • Beijing

  • The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, Olympic Games and much more.
  • Shanghai

  • The City of the old and the new earns its title as "Paris of the East" and is the top Shopping Centre too.
  • Guilin

  • Stunning limestone formations along the banks of the wonderous Li River.
  • Hong Kong

  • A captivating blend of Eastern and Western cultures, the perfect add-on to any tour.

Temple of Heaven

Temple of HeavenThe magnificent Temple of Heaven, situated in central Beijing, was visited by the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties for annual ceremonies, where sacrifices were offered and prayers were said for good harvests. Built between 1406 and 1420, it is regarded as a Taoist temple. In 1998, the Temple of Heaven was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The architecture and layout of the Temple of Heaven is based on elaborate symbolism dating back to pre-Confucian times. The Temple is enclosed with a long wall. The northern part within the wall is semicircular symbolizing the heavens (where the sky is imagined as a rounded dome) and the southern part is square symbolizing the earth (two dimensional and flat, as the earth appeared to be).

Fully inclusive group tours in China

Yangtze River
  • Grand Yangtze Premier Collection Tour

  • Indulge yourself on Wendy Wu’s Grand Yangtze Premier Collection tour, experiencing China’s ancient and varied history. Visit Beijing’s historical sites such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City, Shanghai’s unique old meets ne ...
  • 18 days from $ 5860
  • 4580198
Great Wall of China
  • A China Experience Premier Collection Tour

  • Indulge yourself on Wendy Wu’s China Experience Premier Collection tour, fulfilling the dreams of people around the world. Visit Shanghai’s unique combination of old and new, walk along the historic Great Wall in Beijing and explore the ...
  • 10 days from $ 4950
  • 4320998
Grand Tour of China
  • China Impressions

  • A special value one-week tour
  • This is a special value one-week tour of China, especially made for those who wish to experience the highlights of China this winter in one compact program. You will begin your vacation in China in the beautiful historical city of Beijing, where you ...
  • 8 days from $ 2690
  • -50539402
  • Classic China

  • Explore China’s historic past, futuristic cities and dramatic natural landscapes.
  • From urban metropolises and centuries old history to inspired landscapes and ancient villages, you will witness the varied traditions and legendary landscapes of this vast country.
  • 20 days from $ 6450
  • -14769802
Yangtze River Cruise
  • Majestic Yangtze Premier Collection Tour

  • Indulge yourself on Wendy Wu’s Majestic Yangtze Premier Collection tour where each day is filled with timeless scenes and modern amazement. Visit several of the world’s most famous sites including Shanghai’s incredible skylines, th ...
  • 14 days from $ 5860
  • 3024998
Yangtze River Panorama
  • Yangtze Splendor Premier Collection Tour

  • Indulge yourself on Wendy Wu’s Yangtze Splendor Premier Collection tour, visiting Beijing’s famous sites, the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven and touring Shanghai’s modern cityscape as well as its ancient traditions ...
  • 15 days from $ 4960
  • -9330202
Vietnam Panorama
  • Majestic Yangtze Deluxe

  • This tour is ideal for those looking for an in-depth discovery of China in a short amount of time. Covering large cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, a Yangtze River Cruise on Five Star Victoria Cruises and a visit to the ancient city of Xian, this ...
  • 14 days from $ 5595
  • -29461402
Sichuan Explorer
  • In Pursuit of Pandas

  • Discover China’s historical cities and visit the charismatic Giant Pandas
  • Experience some of the most impressive historical, cultural and natural sites in China, including the Great Wall & the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xian and the Panda Conservation Center in Chengdu.Great for families! The mi ...
  • 9 days from $ 3090
  • -19262602
A China Experience
  • A China Experience

  • Visit the three major cities and most famous attractions of China in just over a week
  • This classic itinerary visits the three most famous cities of China. From the futuristic city of Shanghai, the charming town of Wuzhen and the fascinating Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Xian to China’s capital city Beijing, this tour cove ...
  • 10 days from $ 2890
  • -19262602
Glories of China
  • Glories of China

  • Discover China’s beautiful south along with the historical and cultural must see attractions
  • The striking landscape along the Li River is the defining highlight of this popular itinerary, overnighting in the small town of Yangshuo surrounded by rice fields and limestone hills. Add the histories of Beijing and Xian along with cosmopolitan Sh ...
  • 14 days from $ 3590
  • -16843402
Majestic Yangtze
  • Majestic Yangtze

  • Discover the incredible gorges, mountain villages and breathtaking scenery along the Yangtze River.
  • Experience modern day China in the vibrant city of Shanghai and see the famous Giant Pandas in Chengdu. Visit historical Xian and discover China’s capital city Beijing, known for opulent palaces & temples.The Majestic Yangtze Group Tour has gu ...
  • 14 days from $ 4190
  • -14942602
Magnificent China
  • Magnificent China

  • Take an in-depth look at the best of China on one of our most popular tours.
  • All the famous sights are covered along with some special treats. Gaze in wonder at the Grand Buddha in Leshan, visit the traditional gardens of Suzhou and admire the magnificent Giant Pandas in Chengdu.
  • 21 days from $ 5290
  • -14942602
Wonders of China
  • Wonders of China

  • A tour designed to showcase China’s amazing sights, while allowing a glimpse of the local life.
  • Experience the variety of wonders that China has to offer, from the history of the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors to modern and cosmopolitan Shanghai. Take in the beauty of Guilin with a cruise on the Li River, the dramatic Three Gorges on the Y ...
  • 16 days from $ 4390
  • -14942602
China & Tibet Discovery 199 x 185
  • China & Tibet Discovery

  • From the capital city of Beijing to the hidden glories of Lhasa, this tour will take you to some of China and Tibet’s most amazing sites
  • See the most famous sights of China: The Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and Giant Pandas. Explore the mystical land of Tibet, the rooftop of the world to discover fabulous palaces, holy monasteries and sacred temples. Complete your tour with a rela ...
  • 16 days from $ 5890
  • -12095002
  • Ancient China

  • Tour China’s most ancient cities, tracing the roots of Asia’s most fascinating cultures
  • This tour will take you from the present capital of Beijing, to the ancient capitals of Xian and Luoyang. Tour the most significant sites of the Imperial Age and wander the charming streets of the UNESCO World Heritage listed town of Pingyao.
  • 18 days from $ 4370
  • -13041802
Temple of Heaven, Beijing
  • China Experience - Premier Tour

  • Discover the riverside town of Guilin, whose name means ‘forest of sweet osmanthus’ due to the fragrant osmanthus trees that are scattered throughout the city. Travel to Xian, one of the oldest cities in China with more than 3,100 years ...
  • 14 days from $ 5777
  • -30152602
China Delights
  • China Delights

  • Explore this country full of contrasts, from varying landscapes to historical sites
  • Experience the very heart of this amazing country. The combination of the places visited creates a fusion of China’s past, present and future. This is a magical tour of amazing experiences! 
  • 20 days from $ 4190
  • -11231002
China Highlights
  • China Highlights

  • Discover eight ancient city cities on this in depth tour
  • Explore the famous sites of this fascinating country as well as many hidden treasures. Historic cities, beautiful landscapes and the famous Panda Conservation Center are all included not to mention ancient Buddhist sites and the elegant cities of Su ...
  • 25 days from $ 4490
  • -16843402
Temple of Heaven, Beijing
  • Cities of the Orient

  • Tour the history and culture of Beijing and Xian, the natural beauty of Guilin and Yangshuo and the dramatic scenery of the Yangtze River. End your journey in vibrant Hong Kong, the city where East meets West. 
  • 19 days from $ 5710
  • -14165002
Yangtze River Panorama
  • Yangtze Splendor Deluxe

  • Spectacular Scenery
  • Admire some of the most spectacular scenery that China has to offer. Enjoy an eight night cruise along the Yangtze River exploring the ancient capital Nanjing, the breathtaking Mt. Huang, legendary Wuhan, the ghost city Fengdu and more!
  • 15 days from $ 3714
  • -43890202
Grand Yangtze Cruise
  • Grand Yangtze

  • Spend eight glorious nights cruising down the mighty Yangtze River
  • Discover the history and culture in China’s greatest cities and enjoy a leisurely, luxurious cruise along the mighty Yangtze River with five star specialists, Victoria Cruises. Explore the former imperial capital of Nanjing and beautiful Mt. H ...
  • 18 days from $ 5240
  • -11749402
Dreams of Nature
  • Dreams of Nature

  • Explore China’s most treasured natural wonders, allowing you access to a world that few people get the chance to experience
  • Your tour will take you to a part of China that is unknown to many Westerners, the amazing Nine Villages Valley, described by Wendy Wu as one of the most beautiful places she has ever seen. The summit of Mt. Huang is often referred to by locals as a ...
  • 19 days from $ 6750
  • 1210598
Silk Road Explorer
  • Silk Road Explorer

  • Embark on a true journey of discovery along the ancient Silk Road
  • Follow the footsteps of Marco Polo to explore the historic Silk Road, a centuries old route heavily influenced by Muslim and Buddhist cultures. You won’t believe your eyes as you witness ancient carvings, holy sites and the incredible Sunday B ...
  • 23 days from $ 6190
  • -10971802
Grand Yangtze Cruise
  • Yangtze Splendor Deluxe Downstream Special Sailing Discount

  • Six glorious nights sailing the Yangtze River
  • The shores of China’s Yangtze River present an ever changing mix of ancient and modern cultures as your cruise ship glides along one of the world’s largest inland waterways.From the style and flair of Shanghai, a city quite different fro ...
  • 14 days from $ 4795
  • -43890202
Grand Tour of China
  • Grand Tour of China

  • A thorough exploration of China uncovering the history, culture and natural beauty of this vast country.
  • Explore the history of Beijing and Xian, the mystery surrounding the Yangtze River, the ancient remains and natural wonders in Dali and Kunming, the beautiful scenery in Guilin & Yangshuo and the bustling city life of Shanghai. 
  • 26 days from $ 5490
  • -14683402
Himalayan Adventure
  • Himalayan Adventure

  • The ultimate tour of China, Tibet and Nepal for the adventurous.
  • This exciting tour begins in the Sichuan Province before exploring the mystical lands of Tibet & Nepal, including a visit to Everest Base Camp. An unforgettable experience through remote lands, exploring natural beauty and spiritual discovery.       ...
  • 22 days from $ 7760
  • -11576602
Yangtze River
  • Grand Yangtze Deluxe

  • A Glorious Eight Day Cruise along the Mighty Yangtze
  • The Yangtze River is China’s largest and longest river. This amazing waterway forms the backbone of this wonderful tour and over eight nights you will cruise upstream from Shanghai with the American owned Victoria Cruises, a leader in Yangtze ...
  • 18 days from $ 4528
  • -28079002
Angkor to the Bay
  • Angkor to the Bay

  • Captivating temples, historic cities and a cruise on beautiful Halong Bay
  • On Wendy Wu’s Angkor to the Bay group tour of China, you will discover the delights of Cambodia and Vietnam with visits to Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Saigon, Hanoi and more. From an in-depth exploration of the temples of Angkor and visits to museu ...
  • 15 days from $ 3490
  • -67045402

Independent tours and extensions in China

  • Zhangiajie Short Stay

  • See the landscape of the fictional world, Pandora from the 2009 blockbuster film Avatar.
  • 4 Day days from $960
Chinas Beautiful South
  • Wonders of China Premier Collection Tour

  • Indulge yourself on Wendy Wu’s Wonders of China Premier Collection tour, embarking on a journey of discovery highlighting China’s amazing sites. Explore the alleyways of Beijing’s traditional Hutong neighborhoods, visit the legenda ...
  • 16 Days days from $6790
Mt Huang & Ming Townships Short Stay
  • Mt Huang and Ming Townships Short Stay

  • Mt. Huang (Yellow Mountain) is a World Cultural Heritage Site and one of China’s top 10 scenic areas. It offers a feast for the eyes, boasting unique scenery of jagged peaks and thousand year old pine trees.
  • 5 Days days from $995
Shanghai Short Stay
  • Shanghai Short Stay

  • The cosmopolitan \'Paris of the East\'
  • Treat yourself with a visit to Shanghai, a city unlike anywhere else. The wealth of contrasts and blend of cultures will leave you in awe of this amazing city. Prior to communist arrival in 1949, Shanghai was a city with European-style mansions and ...
  • 3 days from $485
Suzhou & Hangzhou Short Stay
  • Suzhou & Hangzhou

  • Combine the gardens of Suzhou with the beauty of Hangzhou
  • The delightful cities of Suzhou and Hangzhou are rivals for the position of "Heaven on Earth" and it truly is hard to separate them. Combine the two and discover traditional gardens, inspiring temples and the picturesque West Lake.
  • 5 days from $1050
Beijing Short Stay
  • Beijing Short Stay

  • China\'s historic capital city
  • China’s capital city of Beijing is one of the world’s most famous ancient cities. During your short vacation in Beijing, you will stroll through the famous Tiananmen Square to the amazing Forbidden City (now called Palace Museum), where ...
  • 4 days from $545
  • Beyond the Great Wall

  • Enjoy extended walking on the Great Wall
  • The Great Wall is China\'s most iconic attraction. Enjoy some extended walking along a more remote section at Jinshanling. A good degree of fitness is required for this tour as it involves several hours of walking over steep and uneven terrain.
  • 2 days from $475
Xian Short Stay
  • Xian Short Stay

  • Home to the Terracotta Warriors
  • Xian is the capital of Shaanxi Province. As one of the oldest cities in Chinese history, Xian is one of the four great \'Ancient Capitals of China\' because it has been the capital during some of the most important dynasties in Chinese history, incl ...
  • 3 days from $425
  • Guilin & Yangshuo

  • Cruise the stunning Li River and enjoy the breathtaking scenery
  • Begin your short Chinese vacation by checking into your hotel in Guilin and exploring some of the renowned hills and rock formations that speckle the beautiful landscape. On your second day in China you will find yourself on a cruise down the serene ...
  • 3 days from $520
Guilin & Yangshou Short Stay
  • Guilin & Yangshuo

  • Cruise the Li River and stay overnight in picturesque Yangshuo
  • This short stay China tour is one of the most relaxing short vacations in China you’ll find. Begin your uniquely Chinese get away by checking into your hotel in Guilin and exploring some of its gorgeous karst scenery. Your second day in China ...
  • 4 days from $610
Kunming & Lijiang
  • Kunming & Lijiang

  • Experience the wonderfully diverse and picturesque Yunnan Province
  • Kunming is the gateway to the wonderfully diverse Yunnan Province and home to the Stone Forest with its impressive limestone columns. The highlight of this tour is the historic city of Lijiang with its cobbled streets and attractive waterways. Also ...
  • 5 days from $990
Nine Villages Valley
  • Nine Villages Valley

  • Discover beautiful lakes, waterfalls and mountains
  • Nine Villages Valley is known for its breathtaking scenery and being a photographers dream! See the beautiful lakes, mountains and forests and explore the sparkling mineral pools at Huanglong. This tour reaches a maximum altitude of 11,500ft at Huan ...
  • 4 days from $1095
Panda & Buddha Short Stay
  • Panda & Buddha

  • Visit the Chengdu Panda Reserve and the Grand Buddha in Leshan
  • Visit the famous Panda Reserve in Chengdu located just 10km (6miles) away from downtown Chengdu, the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Center has been created and imitated the pandas\' natural habitat in order that they might have the best possible en ...
  • 3 days from $585
Tibetan Short Stay
  • Lhasa Short Stay

  • Explore the spiritual heart of Tibet
  • Explore Lhasa, the most important city in the mystical land of Tibet. Discover fabulous palaces, holy monasteries and sacred temples. This tour reaches a maximum altitude of 12,000ft.
  • 4 days from $840
Drepung Monastery
  • Tibet Short Stay

  • Experience beautiful temples and palaces in the mystical land of Tibet
  • Explore the Tibetan heartland on this truly memorable journey. Spend some time taking in the sights of the historic capital of Lhasa. Gaze up at the Potala Palace, an architectural wonder, see the magnificent Kumbum of Gyantse and discover ornate re ...
  • 7 days from $1490
Hong Kong Extension
  • Hong Kong Extension

  • A fascinating city where East meets West
  • Hong Kong is an exciting and vibrant city of dramatic contrasts. Combining a captivating blend of eastern and western cultures, Hong Kong is a must-see destination for any vacation in China. Traditional junk boats sail in the Hong Kong harbor agains ...
  • 4 days from $499
Hong Kong & Macau
  • Hong Kong & Macau Discovery

  • Combine vibrant Hong Kong with historic Macau
  • A unique experience for all the senses, enjoy the culinary, history, shopping and nightlife of Hong Kong & Macau.  This itinerary may be booked individually or as an extension to most of our China tours. In Hong Kong and Macau you will join wit ...
  • 5 days from $890

Private tours in China

A China Experience - Private
  • A China Experience Private Tour

  • China’s most famous attractions at your own pace
  • Experience three of China’s most exciting cities on Wendy Wu’s A China Experience Private Tour. Explore the impressive cosmopolitan atmosphere of Shanghai with its stunning mix of contemporary style and appreciation of time-honored tradi ...
  • 10 days from $4240
Glories of China - Private
  • Glories of China Private Tour

  • Compare China’s historic city with its lush southern landscape, all with your personal private guides.
  • Discover the beauty and captivating heritage of southern China on this unique private tour. Over the course of two weeks, you will enjoy a carefully crafted mix of stunning vistas, rich history, and fascinating cultural experiences.Your Glories of C ...
  • 14 days from $4970
Majestic China - Private
  • Majestic Yangtze Private Tour

  • A private tour of China’s ancient cities, modern metropolis, the legendary Yangtze and the adorable pandas.
  • A truly remarkable experience, the Majestic Yangtze Private Tour includes awe-inspiring vistas, stunning natural wonders, historical destinations, and lively cosmopolitan cities. Sailing the Yangtze River, you won’t be able to resist relaxing ...
  • 14 days from $5150
Wonders of China - Private
  • Wonders of China Private Tour

  • China’s historical cities, beautiful countryside and dramatic Yangtze River, at your leisure.
  • Visit China’s most notable destinations during two weeks of adventure and discovery on Wendy Wu’s Wonders of China Private Tour!  From the dynamic blend of historic and modern China found in the cities of Beijing and Xian to the serene b ...
  • 16 days from $5320
In Pursuit of Pandas
  • In Pursuit of Pandas Private Tour

  • Explore China’s historical cities and visit the charismatic Giant Pandas on this private itinerary.
  • The beautiful pandas at China’s Chengdu Panda Reserve have captured the hearts of visitors from all over the world. Wendy Wu’s unique In Pursuit of Pandas private tour provides you with the opportunity to see these magnificent creatures ...
  • 9 days from $4450
Zhangjiajie Scenic Wonder
  • Exquisite China

  • The Spectacular Scenery of Zhangjiajie which inspired the movie Avatar
  • A nature and photographer's dream trip, the landscape of Zhangjiajie is breathtaking
  • 10 days from $3065
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