Glories of China

14 Days from $3,790 per person

Glories of China

What's Included
  • International flights
  • 12 nights hotel accommodation
  • 3 internal flights within China
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • Group airport transfers & ground transportation
  • National Escort & Local Insider Guides
  • Visa fees for US & Canada passport holders
  • Sightseeing & entrance fees
Places Visited
Shanghai (3 nights), Guilin (1 night), Yangshuo (2 nights), Xian (2 nights), Beijing (4 nights)
Highlights of the Itinerary
  • Wander along the incredible Great Wall of China
  • Come face to face with the Terracotta Warriors
  • Absorb the rural serenity of the Li River and Yangshuo
  • Marvel at the sparkling city of Shanghai on a Huangpu River Cruise
  • Survey Xian from its ancient city ramparts
  • Step back into China's dynastic past at the Imperial Forbidden City
  • Escape the bustle of Beijing for the tranquility of the Summer Palace
  • Admire the 1920s architecture of The Bund, set against futuristic skyscapers
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Today, we will visit Zhujiajiao, one of Shanghai's sleepy water towns, built on an old canal system once used to transport goods all over imperial China. The town's narrow alleyways exude old-world charm, while the waterways are lined with ancient buildings and crossed by stone bridges.

Return to Shanghai and enjoy the superb antiquities and fine arts at the Shanghai Museum and the Silk Museum before admiring the magnificent architecture with a stroll along the Bund.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Shanghai Cuisine Dinner
Accommodation: Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel or Similar
Shanghai Museum
Sightseeing today starts in the Old Town (Yuan Bazaar) of Shanghai, where cobbled streets are lined with traditional shops selling herbal medicines, handicrafts, Chinese tea and a variety of tantalizing snacks. We take a relaxing walk through moon gates and latticed pavilions in the peaceful Yu Gardens, the inspiration for willow patterned china.

In the evening we will enjoy a cruise on the spectacular Huangpu River to view the picturesque nightscape of this exciting city.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel or Similar
Shanghai Old Town
Enjoy the morning at leisure before we fly to Guilin, one of China’s most stunning and panoramic cities. Founded in the Qin Dynasty, it is renowned for the unique beauty of the mountains that fringe it. Guilin developed as a trading town due to the building of the Ling Canal which links the important Pearl and Yangtze River systems. Upon arrival into this picturesque town we will transfer to our hotel.

This afternoon we visit the Seven Star Caves located in Seven Star Park. The park received its name due to the seven peaks having a close resemblance to the Big Dipper constellation. Other sites are Camel Hill and Flower Bridge, which was built in the Song Dynasty and is the oldest bridge in Guilin. After this, we will head to the South China Pearl Exhibition Center.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Lijiang Waterfall Hotel or Similar
Reed Flute Caves
Today we take a cruise along the beautiful Li River to Yangshuo, passing tranquil farming and fishing scenes and picturesque villages. The main attraction is the stunning limestone karsts that tower above the river creating a magical landscape of mountains and water. The unique and natural beauty of this region has for centuries been an inspiration to Chinese artists and poets alike. Don’t forget your camera on this occasion as this is one place where it will be working overtime!

After we disembark in Yangshuo, we take a short walk to our hotel. Set amid limestone peaks, lush green rice paddies and surrounded by meandering river ways, Yangshuo provides an interesting contrast to the big Chinese cities.

This afternoon wander through the bustling local market and through residential areas, taking in Yangshuo’s captivating atmosphere.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Elite Garden Hotel or Similar
Li River
This morning we will explore the beautiful rural countryside around Yangshuo, taking a leisurely stroll to discover the lifestyle of the villagers and witness how the locals farm. This afternoon we will have time to walk around the cobblestone streets and enjoy this charming town at our own leisure.

For this evening’s entertainment we are taken to the Li River to watch a traditional method of fishing in China, where trained cormorants are used to catch fish. Using bamboo rafts and a pole to move through the water, the fishermen hang strong lights over the water to attract the fish. The cormorants then dive into the water on a fisherman’s command and catch them, emptying the fish onto the raft for all the fishermen to take to their families. Although the cormorants have string tied around the base of their necks to stop the fish from being swallowed, these are removed afterwards so that they can eat, with the reward being a fish they have caught!

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Elite Garden Hotel or Similar
Yangshuo Countryside
This morning we transfer to the airport in Guilin for our onward flight to Xian.

Xian, which means Western Peace, is located on the banks of the Yellow River and has a history dating back to 1000BC. It once rivaled great cities such as Constantinople and Rome in size, culture and development and was also the starting point for the famous trade route, the Silk Road, a caravan passageway which carried not only silks, ceramics and spices but also led to an exchange of cultures, technologies and ideas. Buddhism brought from India during the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD) was perhaps one of the most influential of the religions to travel along this famed road into Xian.

Upon arrival in Xian, we will transfer to our hotel. In the evening we enjoy a performance of music and dance dating back to the Tang Dynasty while feasting on a sumptuous Shui Jiao dumpling dinner, a specialty of the region.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Shui Jiao Dumpling Dinner
Accommodation: Golden Flower Hotel or Similar
Dumpling Dinner
We start our day with a visit to the famous UNESCO World Heritage listed Terracotta Warriors and Horses. One of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, this unearthed terracotta army is comprised of over 7,000 soldiers, horses and chariots. The army was built in life-sized form by thousands of workers and designed by the self-proclaimed Emperor Qin Shi Huang to defend himself in his afterlife. The word China derived from his name and he is acclaimed by Chinese historians to have unified the rival lands of China into a single empire after defeating his enemy states and standardizing the systems of currency, writing and measurement.

On our return to Xian we stop at the Xian Art Ceramics and Lacquer Exhibition where replicas of the warriors are made before visiting the Ancient City Wall, a 500-year-old barricade built to protect the city. Standing the test of time, it is one of the only walls in China to remain intact.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Golden Flower Hotel or Similar
Terracotta Warriors
This morning we visit the Little Wild Goose Pagoda and the renowned Shaanxi Provincial Museum, which is home to thousands of priceless cultural relics from past dynasties. Afterwards we take a stroll through the lively Muslim Quarter, exploring the many narrow laneways of the interesting Islamic food markets.

This afternoon, board a bullet train to Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China. With its unequaled wealth of history, Beijing served as the center for the many different empires and cultures that ruled China and has been the heart of politics and society throughout its long history. The ancient monuments, the stories of days gone by as well as the dynamic and modern city Beijing has become today, make it a destination not to be missed.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Jiangxi Grand Hotel or Similar
Little Wild Goose Pagoda
Today we will walk through the expanse of Tiananmen Square, where we will pass Chairman Mao's Mausoleum. Built on Mao Zedong's orders, Tiananmen Square is said to hold a capacity crowd of over one million.

Next we will walk through the outer gates of the Imperial Forbidden City, the sacred center of the Chinese empire for 500 years and home to both the Ming and Qing dynasties. We walk through this royal complex from the south gate at Tiananmen, named Gate of Heavenly Peace, through to the north gate at Shenwumen, named Gate of Divine Might. We can explore the outer courts, the courtyards and the private residences within the Forbidden City.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Jiangxi Grand Hotel or Similar
Tiananmen Square
It is often quoted in Beijing that you have not been to China until you have climbed the Great Wall. Stretching from the Shanhaiguan Pass on the east coast to the Gobi Desert in the west, it is more than 4,000 miles long. Walk along the wall, admire the panoramic views and reflect on the immensity of the material and labor required for its construction.

After lunch, we will visit the Jade Factory and Showroom, from where we can see the 15th century Temple of Heaven, one of the more perfect examples of Ming architecture, set among a 660 acre park with four gates set at each point of a compass. Walking through the park we will see the many groups of local people that gather here every day to sing folk songs, practice tai chi and sword dancing, play chess or just come to sit and chat. You can watch, or participate in a dance class.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Jiangxi Grand Hotel or Similar
The Great Wall
This morning we take a rickshaw ride through the old Hutong area, where our guide will explain the intricacy of traditional Chinese architecture, the influence of Feng Shui and the sense of community in the area, and then we will visit a local family to gain a deeper insight into Chinese culture and local customs. It was the Mongol rulers of Beijing that established this style of housing and Hutong was their word for the narrow alleyways between each house. In more recent times the Hutong suburbs were in jeopardy of disappearing, but a fierce debate between developers and those who fought to protect the architecture and the Hutong way of life diminished the threat.

Afterwards we head to the Summer Palace, a retreat for emperors during the Ming and Qing dynasties, the most notorious of which is Empress Dowager Cixi. Popularly known as the dragon lady, the empress spent money reserved to commission a modern navy on embellishment of the royal garden. However, she did restore the large marble boat that sits at the edge of the beautiful Kunming Lake, which occupies three quarters of the park's expanse.

Our farewell dinner this evening will include a sample of the most renowned local delicacy, Peking Duck.

Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Peking Duck Dinner
Accommodation: Jiangxi Grand Hotel or Similar
Beijing Rickshaw
Today our group tour arrangements end. Transfer to the airport to board your flight back to the USA.

Included Meal: Breakfast
Depart US Arrive US Price From Land Price
Sat. Feb 13 Fri. Feb 26 $3,790 $2,590
Sat. Mar 12 Fri. Mar 25 $4,260 $2,990
Sat. Mar 26 Fri. Apr 08 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Apr 02 Fri. Apr 15 $4,560 $3,290
Sat. Apr 09 Fri. Apr 22 $4,560 $3,290
Sat. Apr 23 Fri. May 06 $4,560 $3,290
Sat. May 07 Fri. May 20 $5,150 $3,390
Sat. May 21 Fri. Jun 03 $5,150 $3,390
Sat. Jun 25 Fri. Jul 08 $5,150 $3,390
Sat. Jul 23 Fri. Aug 05 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Aug 13 Fri. Aug 26 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Sep 03 Fri. Sep 16 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Sep 10 Fri. Sep 23 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Sep 17 Fri. Sep 30 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Sep 24 Fri. Oct 07 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Oct 08 Fri. Oct 21 $4,590 $3,190
Sat. Oct 15 Fri. Oct 28 $4,590 $3,190
Sat. Oct 29 Fri. Nov 11 $4,190 $2,990
Fri. Nov 11 Fri. Dec 02 $3,790 $2,590
Depart US Arrive US Price From Land Price
Sat. Feb 25 Sat. Mar 18 $3,990 $2,590
Sat. Mar 11 Fri. Mar 24 $4,260 $2,990
Sat. Mar 25 Fri. Apr 07 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Apr 01 Fri. Apr 14 $4,560 $3,290
Sat. Apr 08 Fri. Apr 21 $4,560 $3,290
Sat. Apr 22 Fri. May 05 $4,560 $3,290
Sat. May 06 Fri. May 19 $5,150 $3,390
Sat. May 20 Fri. Jun 02 $5,150 $3,390
Sat. Jun 24 Fri. Jul 07 $5,150 $3,390
Sat. Jul 22 Fri. Aug 04 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Aug 12 Fri. Aug 25 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Sep 02 Fri. Sep 15 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Sep 09 Fri. Sep 22 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Sep 16 Fri. Sep 29 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Sep 23 Fri. Oct 06 $4,460 $3,190
Sat. Oct 07 Fri. Oct 20 $4,690 $3,290
Sat. Oct 14 Fri. Oct 27 $4,690 $3,290
Sat. Oct 28 Fri. Nov 10 $4,690 $3,290
Sat. Nov 18 Fri. Dec 01 $4,390 $2,990

Flight and supplement information

International Airfare available from all U.S. and Canada gateways. Included airfare based on
availability from select cities. Supplements may apply based on availability at time of booking.

* Single room from $740
* Tipping paid locally US$88

All of the hotels used by Wendy Wu Tours are of four star or superior three star (international tourist) standard unless otherwise specified. The hotels are selected for their comfort, convenience of location and character and are subject to change. Below is an example of the typical hotels used on our tours, however these are not guaranteed and alternative hotels of a similar standard may also be used.

Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel

This modern and well-appointed hotel is a comfortable retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.


  • Hotel Facilities

    The hotel features a fitness room, indoor swimming pool, sauna, spa and massage facilities as well as a business centre. 24-hour room service, currency exchange, laundry service and free Wi-Fi in public area are available.

  • Room Facilities

    Amenities include satellite television, DVD player, mini-bar, safety deposit box, kettle and hair dryer as well as free wired and wireless internet access. There are tea/coffee making facilities and complimentary bottled water offered.

  • Restaurants

    Three restaurants feature a range of styles including International cuisine, Japanese specialties and contemporary Cantonese food. There is also a patisserie and a lobby lounge.

Lijiang Waterfall Hotel

Lijiang Waterfall Hotel is a deluxe five-star hotel located in the downtown area of Guilin, quite close to Li River and Zhengyang Pedestrian Street.


  • Hotel Facilities

    The hotel is equipped with a swimming pool, a fitness center and a game room. Guests could enjoy a relaxing massage or unwind in the sauna room. Car rental services, ticketing service, laundry service and free Wi-Fi in public area are all available.

  • Room Facilities

    The air-conditioned room is equipped with a mini bar, in-room safe, separate bathroom and satellite TV. Free toiletries, 24-hour room service and complimentary bottled water are also included.

  • Restaurants

    The hotel has both Chinese restaurant and western restaurant.

Elite Garden Hotel

The Elite Garden Hotel is a popular hotel located quite close to Yangshuo West Street.


  • Hotel Facilities

    The hotel features a business center, 2 dining options, laundry service, room service, car-rental service and free computers at lobby. Free Wi-Fi in public area is also available.

  • Room Facilities

    Rooms in this hotel are fitted with bathtub, TV, independent desk, hair dryer, small refrigerator, free toiletries and separate bathroom.

  • Restaurants

    The hotel has Chinese restaurant and western restaurant. A bar at hotel lobby is also available.

Golden Flower Hotel

The Golden Flower Hotel is located in the core business area of Xian, close to Terracotta Warriors and Xi'an City Walls.


  • Hotel Facilities

    Recreational amenities include swimming pool, exercise facilities, sauna and massage room. Currency exchange, ticket office, laundry service, gift shop, beauty salon and free Wi-Fi in public area are all available.

  • Room Facilities

    The air conditioned room is fitted with a satellite TV, complimentary toiletries, bottled water and 24-hour room service.

  • Restaurants

    A daily buffet awaits guests every morning at Golden Flower Hotel. In-room dining is available with room service.

Jiangxi Grand Hotel

The Jiangxi Grand Hotel is located in the southwestern part of Beijing, with a good range of local facilities nearby.


  • Hotel Facilities

    The hotel offers a business center, laundry service, room service, currency exchange service, beauty salon and free Wi-Fi in public area.

  • Room Facilities

    Room in the Jiangxi Grand Hotel provides satellite television, free toiletries and complimentary bottled water. An attached toilet with deep-soaking bathtub and shower facilities are also provided.

  • Restaurants

    The hotel has western restaurant and Chinese restaurant. A bar at the hotel lobby is also available.

  • We were extremely happy with the variety of places visited and the pace of the tour was great! From the moment we booked our trip with Phil Hoffman Travel in Adelaide we were informed of the things that would be beneficial for us to bring such as currency, tipping and more which was included in our dossier and travel guide. We decided to book our own flights to Shanghai, but found all travel between the cities we travelled was fantastic, we did have unforseen issue with delayed flight from Shanghai to Guilin due to bad weather our guide Marissa ...
    Vito and Antonietta Nocera South Australia
  • Glories of China tour was sensational from start to finish! We were so well cared for and looked after at all times. The coach drivers drove with great care in fact the whole trip was full of surprises. Our group of 25 got along famously and we enjoyed each other’s company by rotating ourselves on the coach and dinning with different members each evening. Special commendation goes to Stephen our guide. Stephen was kind, caring and attended to requests/needs without question. He also has a great sense of humour and is an asset to Wendy Wu Tours. We were privileged to have ...
    Yuleen Jacobson Tasmania, Australia
  • We loved the trip enormously! We loved the trip enormously ( except for some of the hard beds but I am sure you know about that!) and thought that the professionalism and care taken was outstanding! We particularly wanted to commend our National guide , Tony, who met us in Shanghai and was an absolute delight for the entire 14 days. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he was completely professional , efficient, friendly, good humoured and helpful to everyone , at all times! Our local guides were also excellent, in particular we enjoyed the humour and sense of ...
    Ellie Francis New South Wales, Australia
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